How To Get Healthy And Get Pregnant

This fertility podcast helps you to cut through the noise on the topics of women's health and fertility, zones in on the useful and practical tips that can help to boost your fertility. The show will provide fresh perspectives for someone who is trying to conceive by integrating Western medicine with Chinese medicine. The show's host, Adrienne Wei is a fertility expert with a background in Chinese medicine.
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Dec 22, 2016

Are you stressing out about the holiday dinners and worried that it might derail you off of your diet and ruin your chances of pregnancy?

In this episode, I give you three tips on what to do so that you indulge a bit, but still stay on the band wagon. 

Happy Holidays!

Dec 15, 2016

Recently, I've had an influx of patients that are super fit with a diet that's incredibly lean.  Most of them are scared of a three letter word, fat.

In this episode, I want to smash some misconceptions about fat.  I'll talk about why you shouldn't be afraid of fat, how fat affects fertility, and what type of fats you should avoid, and what type of fats you should be eating.

I also have a freebie that I call "Fatty Bum-Bums".  It's full of healthy fats and will satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.  To download this freebie, please visit

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Thank you and have an amazing week!


Dec 8, 2016

If you've been struggling with meal planning and coming up meal ideas, this episode is for you.

For those of you who know me, you know I'm a practical person.  The three meal planning strategies that I'll highlight in this episode are simple and practical. 

Today's freebie is a meal planning template.  It'll teach you how to build your plate for a meal, and also the basic framework for meal planning.  To download, please visit

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Dec 1, 2016

I call this episode a mini-episode because Jocey Rodriguez, L.Ac. fills in for me since I got sick over the weekend and lost some of my voice. 

Jocey talks about painful periods and periods that start and stop. This is her flying solo and I thought she did a fantastic job. 

I do want to follow up in a future episode to offer more explanation about blood stagnation and what it means because it's a new term for many of you and it may cause some confusion.

For this week's freebie, please visit  If for whatever reason the link doesn't work, please email me at and I will send over the freebie.

Thank you for all for being understanding.  I will be back next week and I can't wait!